Why do we recycle

Plastic bottles into fabric?

Instead of using oil (what regular polyester is made from), we've chosen to use a waste stream that as a society we have excess of... plastic bottles.

After the processing of the bottles the fabric is high performance, durable and has significantly less environmental impact. And best of all, the fabric feels like regular fabric.

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The story behind

Team Timbuktu

Team Timbuktu was created out of frustration; sick of hiking in clothes that not only looked bad, they were also environmentally damaging (with the fabric being made from oil).

With no compromise on style or sustainability Team Timbuktu was created. We've crafted the highest quality product from custom engineered fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, partnered with ethical manufacturers and packed our product into home compostable, biodegradable packaging to ensure we're limiting our impact.

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