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Sustainability Report 2020/21

Welcome to Team Timbuktu’s second Sustainability Report.

Join us as we share a review of our initiatives over the last year and a detailed look at our future plans to give back to the Earth. 

Read on for a look into: 

  • How we operate
  • Update on our sustainability journey
  • Goals and challenges ahead
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We believe no business is a good business without considering, and continually reducing the impact it has on its people and the planet. Be it small or large, all businesses have the moral responsibility to ensure they’re not doing harm; to their customers and community, workers in their offices and supply chains, and to the natural environment that we all take for granted.  

Our 2020/21 Highlights

  • 66,419 bottles recycled
  • 3,150 trees planted 
  • 62.5% decrease in air freight

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Read the report


We’ve always opted for alternate, sustainable fibres rather than conventional synthetic fibres that are damaging to the planet and the people in supply chains who work with these materials. 

  • We use GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified RPET, that is third party certified ensuring that it is made from post (not pre) consumer plastic bottles, ensuring that we’re helping to reduce waste and find an alternate use for it.
  • We recycled 66,419 bottles to create our fabrics, bringing our combined total up to 117,936 bottles since we launched.
  • As with all synthetic fibres, recycled polyester sheds microfibres when washed. In order to combat this - whilst not a perfect solution, we introduced selling Guppyfriend wash bags, that are scientifically proven to capture these microfibres and avoid them from being released into waterways.

Future Goals

We’re always striving for continual improvement and believe it’s the only way to responsibly approach sustainability. Within the next year we’ve created goals for each part of our business, with the largest focus on becoming carbon neutral.

  • Measurement - Measuring our carbon footprint and offsetting our entire impact for net zero. It’s an ambitious and complex goal and we look forward to being able to accurately calculate our footprint, as only then will we be able to implement measurable goals and targets to reduce it.
  • Materials - In this next year we aim to recycle 100,000 bottles to our fabrics
  • Repairs - As an outdoors brand we understand even with the highest quality product, accidents and breakages happen on adventures and will introduce a repairs program to further increase the longevity of our products. 
  • People - Finalise and implement our Code of Conduct with all tier 1 suppliers
  • Transportation - Reduce to 25% air freight to reduce our emissions

Thank you for your support of Team Timbuktu and our commitment to an ever evolving sustainability journey. We’d love to hear any feedback on how we can continue to improve and reduce our impact, with comments and discussion welcome via