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Recycling is something we're pretty passionate about, given that the majority of our fabrics are made from recycled bottles. But sustainability is an all encompassing kinda thing. It doesn’t stop once the garment is made, but what happens to the garment when it reaches the end of its life? (Hint: landfill is not the answer we're looking for).

Whilst fabric and textile recycling is definitely more complicated and less mainstream than popping them in your recycling bin on the street for weekly collection, it's incredibly important that that materials are recycled and recovered, rather than just sent to landfill. To help us with our end of life garment recycling, we've partnered with Upparel an incredible Melbourne based company who are revolutionising the recycling industry for clothing and textiles. 

So, how does it work?

It's easy. Simply gather your worn out clothes (and shoes) in a box, book a collection online, then Upparel will pick it up and they’ll do all the hard work from there from sorting and recycling.

Learn more about how Upparel work and to book your first collection here.